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Tools for Leaders and Coaches

Kantor Institute is a consulting organization dedicated to building expertise in David Kantor’s theories of Model Building and Structural Intervention as a means to improve the performance of individuals, teams and organizations. 

Founded by David Kantor in 2014, the Kantor Institute offers accredited training programs to individuals and organizations to become certified to use a range of powerful consulting tools—all derived from Kantor’s theory, Structural Dynamics.

Kantor Structural Dynamics Theory grew out of Kantor’s breakthrough federally funded empirical research—A study in vivo of Face-to-Face-Communication—which revealed the same fundamental structure to all verbal communication in closely held systems. As a result of what he calls Model Building efforts, Kantor and his team(s) have constructed a series of psychometric instruments that provide insights into individual and group behaviors; Summary reports that deepen those insights; A debrief procedure that suggests systems-based solutions to dysfunctional communication patterns commonly experienced in any human organization.

The Institute and its associates offer other programs designed for its own certified practitioners, and for clinical consultants and systems-oriented couples and family therapists:

·     The Kantor Four Player Model—Basics

·     The Kantor Four Player Model—A Deeper Look

·     Start-Ups and High Stakes Team Dynamics—the Main reason for failure

·     Model Building—Build your own

Founder and Thought Leader

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David Kantor


An American systems psychologist, organizational consultant, and clinical researcher, Dr. Kantor is the founder of three research and training institutes, the author of numerous books and articles, and the inventor of a series of psychometric instruments that provide insight into individual and group behaviors. His groundbreaking empirical research revealed a fundamental structure to all communication, known as Kantor Structural Dynamics, providing solutions to the most common communication challenges experienced in human systems.  

He has taught and trained thousands of students at institutions including Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, Tufts University School of Medicine, Northeastern University, the Boston Family Institute, the Family Institute of Cambridge, and has also been the recipient of multiple grants from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). He leads the institutes' headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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