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Level 1 - Making Change Happen AU, CSC

5-day, non-residential training program

Led by Trainer Kieran White of Center for Systemic Change

$5500 AUD (plus tax) - early bird discount available July 31st 2017

Making change happen is a unique program providing leaders, coaches and organizational development professionals with the tools to work at a much deeper level within groups and systems. Making change happen in Agile Teams is a version of the program tailored specifically towards those working in the technology sector. It provides an opportunity to learn how to apply Dialogue and Structural dynamics in agile environments.

Pioneered by systems psychologist David Kantor and tested in clinical contexts over a 45-year period, the theory of ‘Structural Dynamics’ deconstructs the hidden dynamics of group interaction and links them to observable behaviors in the room. This creates the opportunity to recognize and change stuck patterns of behaviors that are not working.

Participants are invited to take their own Kantor Baseline Behavioural Profile offering an insight into the behaviors people typically express in interpersonal situations. The program is open to those already using the concepts as well as those being introduced to them for the first time.

Participants are taught how to:

  1. Guide groups successfully through dialogue processes using Kantor’s models
  2. Debrief individuals & teams using the Kantor Baseline Behavioural Profile
  3. Code conversations using the Kantor Action Modes
  4. Teach all elements of the Kantor Baseline Behavioural Profile to others and to facilitate exercises
  5. Lead interventions to address fundamental dilemmas of leadership & change stuck patterns of behavior

After the workshop participants are provided with six hours of individual coaching to support them in conducting their first interventions.

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