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Programs and Levels; designed to understand the self and systems.


Programs Pathway

The Kantor Structural Dynamics™ training pathway is open to those already using the concepts as well as those learning them for the first time. It is comprised of three discrete programs, over the course of which practitioners learn to facilitate change within individuals, groups, and systems successfully.

Each level of the training programs encompasses work on understanding the self and systems, combining a conceptual framework with experiential learning and personal reflection.

Upcoming Training Programs

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Level 2 Changing Behavior in High Stakes AU CSC |Oct. 23rd - Oct. 27th 2017| Metro Mirage Hotel in Newport





Level 1 Making Change Happen AU CSC | Nov. 13th - Nov. 17th 2017 | NSW Writers' Centre in Rozelle

Level 2 Changing Behavior in High Stakes US | Jan 5th - Jan 9th 2018|Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod

Recent Programs

Level 1 Making Change Happen US | July 11th - July 14th 2017 | William James College


Play > to hear Tim talk with trainer Kieran White about his experience in the program.

Tim Rossi, observations of Level 1 - Making Change Happen, Sydney, AUS, 2016.