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Our research into better relationships, improved communications, and systems-based solutions to increase the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations are illuminated in our books, articles, and talks.

Reading the Room , by David Kantor (1st ed.: Jossey-Bass, a Wiley Imprint, 2012)

Reading the Room, by David Kantor (1st ed.: Jossey-Bass, a Wiley Imprint, 2012)


reading the room

Group Dynamics for Coaches and Leaders

The Reading the Room aims to enrich psychologists, consultants, coaches, therapists, business leaders, and other professionals' understanding of communication within their teams through the use of Kantor Structural Dynamics theory. Reading the Room will offer a background in Kantor Structural Dynamics with in-depth coverage of communication differences in low stakes versus high stakes situations. With a focus on leadership behavior in high stakes situations, Reading the Room will enable the practitioner to intervene effectively in group dynamics and its outcomes.

Reading the Room is also available at Ce.credit.com for 18 Continuing Education credits.

Inside the Family , by David Kantor and William Lehr (1st ed.: Jossey-Bass, a Wiley Imprint1975)

Inside the Family, by David Kantor and William Lehr (1st ed.: Jossey-Bass, a Wiley Imprint1975)


An exploration of family organization and behavior, Inside the Family presents an investigation of the complete family in its natural setting. In this book, David Kantor and William Lehr go inside the family, probing and analyzing everything from the locks on the doors to the way members deal with a crisis. Kantor and Lehr avoided professional bias by including novice observers in the process of collecting research. Observers lived with 21 families, transcribing and coding communications through observation notes and recordings from tape recorders placed in every room. From this wealth of information, Kantor and Lehr extracted the fundamental processes common to all families. The result is a systematic framework that can be used to analyze all major features of family life.

My Lover, My Self , Riverhead Trade, 2000

My Lover, My Self, Riverhead Trade, 2000

my lover, myself

Self-Discovery Through Relationships

In his more than thirty years of experience as a therapist, Dr. David Kantor has learned that our lovers are mirrors for showing us who we are .and who we can become. In My Lover, Myself, readers will learn how to approach everything in a relationship, from normal difficulties to serious problems, as opportunities for understanding our differences and becoming the best people we can be. Case histories and questionnaires will help lovers share their discoveries and make the journey back to the healing, healthy relationship they promised each other in the beginning.

Additional Books of Significance:

Love by Labor Lost

by Tom Dehaven
Meredith Winter Press, 2005

Intimate Environment

with Barbara Okun
Guilford Press, 1989

Articles of Interest

Behavioral Archetypes

Innovation Associates, Inc.
v. 11.96, 1996

The Systems Thinker

with Joel Yanowitz and Steven Ober
6:5 (June/July),1995

Couples Therapy, Crisis Induction, and Change

Casebook of Marital Therapy, pp. 21–71
Guilford Press,1985

The Thought Leader Interview: David Kantor.

with Art Kleiner
Strategy and Business Magazine
Issue 71, 2013

Integrative Shifts for the Theory and Practice of Family Systems Therapy

with John H. Neal
Family Process No. 24:1, pp. 13-3,1985


Putting Theory Into Action. The Evolution and Practice of Structural Dynamics

with Deborah Wallace
Society for Organizational Learning Reflections #14, 2014

Reframing Team Relationship:
How the Principles of “ Kantor Structural Dynamics” Can Help Teams Come to Terms with Their Dark Side

with Nancy Heaton Lonstein
in Fifth Discipline Fieldbook

Managing Structural Traps–A Critical Element in Leading Successful Organization Change

with Steven Ober
Innovation Associates, Inc.

Principles for Human Systems Consulting and a Framework for Human Systems Consulting

with Steven Ober

Kantor’s Four Player Model has been referenced by hundreds of other theorists including Peter Senge in The Fifth Discipline, Bill Isaacs in Dialogue: The Art of Thinking Together, and Michael Jensen and Werner Erhardin their revolutionary leadership program: Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership as Your Natural Self Expression.

Throughout his career, David Kantor has published a wide variety of work. For items not listed please contact us: