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Trainers experienced in coaching and change leadership.


Kantor Institute Trainers

Training programs are delivered in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, presentations, small group sessions, large group dialogues, videos, and one on one coaching. Our team of experienced trainers and coaches have over 150 years of collective experience in coaching and change leadership, using Kantor structural dynamics and participatory action to increase team effectiveness and helping organizations and enteprizes to define and achieve their goals.


Kathryn Stanley, PhD
617-327-6777 ext. 2301

Kathryn Stanley

Kathryn Stanley has 20 years of experience facilitating positive and lasting change in human systems. She works as an organizational development consultant with Fortune 100 companies including Bose, Yahoo!, Avery Dennison, and Raytheon Company as well as not-for-profit organizations such as DiscoverE, InsideNGO, and Goodwill Industries.

Her main areas of practice include using Kantor structural dynamics and participatory action research to increase team effectiveness, improve communication, release innovation that is locked within the  system, and facilitating large scale organization redesign and culture change. She is a Lore International trained executive coach and author of the Authentic Presence Inventory (API) and the Radical Innovation Readiness Survey (RIR) and the popular management fable, ‘Which Bird Gets Heard? How To Have Impact Even In a Flock’.

Kathryn is a Professor of leadership studies and Chair of the Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department at William James College. She holds a first degree in Philosophy cum laude and another first degree in Fine Arts.  She has a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology and a Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Marsha Acker
301-637-6334 ext. 700


Marsha Acker

Marsha Acker is the founder and principal of TeamCatapult, a U.S.-based coaching and change leadership firm. She coaches leaders and teams in defining and leading the change they seek in their teams and organizations.

Marsha has more than nineteen years of experience in leadership and team development, group facilitation, and organizational change and has consulted to large fortune 500 public companies, federal government agencies and small non-profits. In addition to her training and her own work with Structural Dynamics and Dialogue, Marsha is also an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF); and trained in Advanced Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) through the Center for Right Relationship.

Marsha’s passion is in working with technical leaders and their teams. Having started her career in software engineering, she has a particular love of helping technologists access the wisdom within themselves and their teams through their own leadership development and helping them discover the use of facilitation, structural dynamics, and dialogue practices to access the collective intelligence and lead change within their organizations.

Gillien Todd

Gillien Todd

Gillien Todd is an organizational consultant, coach, trainer, and teacher, with a background in interest-based negotiation and managing difficult conversations. Gillien has worked in a variety of organizations ranging from small charities to large institutions such as the Massachusetts General Hospital. Gillien is on the faculty of Harvard Law School, where she has taught negotiation and interpersonal communication skills to law students and executives for more than fifteen years. She has more recently developed expertise in consulting to groups and teams using the Kantor Structural Dynamics framework. She has designed team-level interventions using Kantor Structural Dynamics for executive teams, business partnerships, and long-term cross-organizational collaborations. She holds a Masters degree in Education in addition to a JD degree.

Gillien believes in the importance of having direct and honest conversations, and she strives to create a calm and a non-judgmental learning atmosphere. She is recognized for her creative problem solving, skillful listening, and directness. 

Kieran White
+61 410 678 512


Kieran White

Kieran White has been teaching group dynamics since 2005, and brings a deep understanding of how individuals, teams and systems connect to every facet of his work. Kieran is an ex‐Finance Director who since 2003 has divided his time between consulting, teaching, coaching and seeking to learn. He is a global expert in the field of Kantor Structural Dynamics and spends much of his time delivering Kantor Structural Dynamics training in the Asia Pacific region. 

Kieran is recognized as an industry expert in working systemically, and holds a first degree in Finance, a Masters in Applied Psychotherapy, and a Graduate Diploma in Counseling and Psychotherapy.


Note: Kieran White and his partner Edna Mckelvey at Center for Systemic Change are the sole authorized training provider for Structural Dynamics in Australia and New Zealand. They also provide training in Asia.

Marcelo Agolti
Agolti y asociados.
+54 9 3436220156


Marcelo Agolti

Marcelo Agolti is the Co-Owner and Director of Agolti & Asociados, an Argentinian-based company specializing in Organizational Intervention. Marcelo’s model of intervention has three main axes; Systems-Thinking, Dialogue and Kantor Structural Dynamics. His model is based on the requirement for organizations to be continually learning and building the capacity to think together.

For the last ten years, Marcelo has worked as an entrepreneur, manager, consultant, professor and facilitator. During that time he has coached individuals, teams and organizations in the Spanish-speaking world through complex change processes, ultimately helping them to define and achieve their goals. He has studied in the US and UK and currently holds an MBA as well as training in corporate finance. He is a Director of the Postgraduate Programme of Human Talent Development at the National University of Entre Rios.

Marcelo’s own development as a ontological coach allows him to establish a relationship of trust with others and, from that base, apply a rich diversity of tools and models which he carefully selects and strategically combines.


Lisa Stefanac.accountmanager.png

Lisa Stefanac

Lisa Stefanac

Lisa Stefanac brings 15 years of expertise in change management, team effectiveness, and leadership development. Her leadership consulting experience spans many industries, including oil and gas, technology, financial services, and hospitality and her practice is global, with significant client engagements in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and North America. Lisa is currently a Project Partner at Kantor Institute. She is also co-founder of KSE Leadership, a privately held leadership consulting firm. Previously, she served as the Executive Director of the Kantor Institute and as a consultant at Dialogos, an organizational change consulting firm. Lisa is an advanced designation interpersonal dynamics facilitator, where she is a staff member for the Stanford Graduate School of Business and she is an NTL member. She has been an executive coach in Stanford Executive Education programs since 2013. Additionally, Lisa has facilitated women’s Stanford Business School alumni and graduate student learning groups since 2010. Lisa earned her MBA at Chicago Booth School of Business.

Lisa’s group facilitation and coaching style is supportive yet assertive. She values inclusion and participation and is skilled at observing patterns of unproductive behavior and supportively confronting the dynamics in real-time. Building trust and rapport with the individuals she works with is foundational to her practice.